Changes in IPython Parallel



5.0.1 on GitHub

  • Fix imports in use_cloudpickle(), use_dill().
  • Various typos and documentation updates to catch up with 5.0.


5.0 on GitHub

The highlight of ipyparallel 5.0 is that the Client has been reorganized a bit to use Futures. AsyncResults are now a Future subclass, so they can be `yield`ed in coroutines, etc. Views have also received an Executor interface. This rewrite better connects results to their handles, so the Client.results cache should no longer grow unbounded.

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Part of the Future refactor is that Client IO is now handled in a background thread, which means that Client.spin_thread() is obsolete and deprecated.

Other changes:

  • Add ipcluster nbextension enable|disable to toggle the clusters tab in Jupyter notebook

Less interesting development changes for users:

Some IPython-parallel extensions to the IPython kernel have been moved to the ipyparallel package:

  • ipykernel.datapub is now ipyparallel.datapub
  • ipykernel Python serialization is now in ipyparallel.serialize
  • apply_request message handling is implememented in a Kernel subclass, rather than the base ipykernel Kernel.


4.1 on GitHub


4.0 on GitHub

First release of ipyparallel as a standalone package.