This documentation is for a development version of IPython. There may be significant differences from the latest stable release.

Using IPython for parallel computing



Jul 21, 2021

Installing IPython Parallel

As of 4.0, IPython parallel is now a standalone package called ipyparallel. You can install it with:

pip install ipyparallel


conda install ipyparallel

As of IPython Parallel 6.2, this will additionally install and enable the IPython Clusters tab in the Jupyter Notebook dashboard.

You can also enable/install the clusters tab yourself after the fact with:

ipcluster nbextension enable

Or the individual Jupyter commands:

jupyter serverextension install [--sys-prefix] --py ipyparallel
jupyter nbextension install [--sys-prefix] --py ipyparallel
jupyter nbextension enable [--sys-prefix] --py ipyparallel

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